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We at Wings ePress, Inc. are dedicated to producing and marketing the best in fiction of all genres except erotica. Tasteful, hot love scenes are acceptable. When you send your work to us, we will review it with the highest of professional standards and quickly contact you with our assessment of your submission.

When submitting, please follow these guidelines: Wings does not accept manuscripts containing scenes of violence against children and animals. Please do not send us simultaneous submissions and make sure your manuscript does not have any pictures in the content. Word count should be from 30,000 to 120,000 words.

On the cover page, in the upper left corner, give us your name, address, city, state and zip, phone number and e-mail address. Center the name of your book, your author name, the genre and an approximate word count.

Your manuscript should be presented in 11 pt Georgia with two hard returns at the end of each chapter. Please do not double space the text or use double spaces between sentences.

Currently, Wings is seeking manuscripts in the following categories:

Our focus in 2024 is ROMANCE.

Please query before submitting other genres to:


If you wish to submit a manuscript, please send to: