Lawson, Jack N.


Jack Lawson grew up in North Carolina. As an ordained minister he worked as a prison chaplain in North Carolina and Ohio. He later served as a parish minister in the US and the United Kingdom. After earning a PhD in Hebrew Bible, he taught both ministerial candidates and lay people in the English counties of Kent and Norfolk. After leaving parish ministry in 1997, Jack worked for The Rural Community Council in Kent, focusing on rural economic regeneration and managing a European Social Fund grant between Kent and Nord-Pas-de-Calais. In the process he developed an intense love of France and the French people. Later, Jack spent more than 12 years as training and development officer for the Methodist Church in East Anglia.

His book, The Concept of Fate in Ancient Mesopotamia, is an exploration of early human attempts at working out how much free will we human beings actually have. It examines poems, myths, prayers, rituals, divination and more.

The author’s first novel, Doing Time, reflects his years as a chaplain in a Southern US women’s prison. It expresses how the harsh reality of domestic violence is the path that leads most women to prison.

Jack is married to Chris, a former mental health specialist who worked with children and families in the UK. They now reside in Lower Normandy, France.

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