Libby, Lori

Lori Libby lives in a quaint little town in Maine with her husband and her two wonderful children. A feisty Akita puppy named Boshido Katahdin Inu (otherwise known as Boo) completes the happy family. Lori and her family reside in her husbands ancestral home. She enjoys a short commute to the city where she can enjoy the enmities urban life.

Lori has a BS degree in Elementary Education. For the past 10 years Lori’s been a schoolteacher and loves molding the young minds of our future generations into independent and creative adults.

She enjoys hiking and crocheting. But writing is Lori’s passion. The challenge and learning process have exhilarated her, inspiring her to reach for the moon. She loves romance with a happily ever after ending and hopes her stories portray the love she has for the English language. She loves words and the power they wield.