Loan, E. B.


Elizabeth was born and raised in the hood of Elmhurst,IL by her artistic hippie parents. Her mother allowed her to read whatever she pleased at a very young age, and by the time she was ten she'd already logged such classics as CARRIE, SALEMS LOT,and IT. She credits her liberal childhood as being the main source of her now unbelievably dark and disturbed imagination.

Currently Elizabeth lives in Lombard, IL with her beloved, completely straight laced husband, their five insane children, and three German Shepherds that do nothing but slobber and shed.She works full time at a private school in Naperville, IL for children with autism and other special needs and has no plans of leaving any time soon. She loves those darn kids to pieces--they give her more than she could ever give them.

A mother of five, E.B. works full time at a private school dedicated to helping children with disabilities. When she isn't working E.B. writes until the wee hours of the morning and travels with her husband, kids & three rescued German shepherds.

Opals and Rubies is E.B. Loan’s second book. Her first, Killer on the Key, is also available in print and ebook format through Wings e-press and various other sources.