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Opals & Rubies

Opals & Rubies

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By E. B. Loan

Tommy McClure, the nastiest man in Sevierville, is dying. No one denies it, especially his dead daddy, Big Ray, a renegade soul recently escaped from the blackness of The In Between. He gives Tommy an ultimatum--change his miserable ways or earn himself a ticket straight to Hell.

What They Are Saying About Opals and Rubies

“OPALS AND RUBIES is a gritty story full of rough around the edges characters you won't be able to forget.  Most of all, it's deliciously scary.”

Norma Seely,

Maze Of Secrets

Annie Kirk Mysteries

“I’m sure even Stephen King would have a hard time not reading this one straight through. You might want to read this during daylight hours, or after dark you’ll be wondering what that clawing noise is under your house.”

JoEllen Conger,

Conger Books Reviews

Review Rate: 5+

“Don’t start reading Opals and Rubies unless you’ve nothing else planned for the next few hours. You won’t be able to put it down.”

David Toft

End Game,

A Gift Of Butterflies.


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