Robins, Eden

Eden wrote articles for the school newspaper while growing up, but never imagined attempting to write her own book. She had the opportunity to attend college overseas, where she met her husband. After graduation, they started a wholesale bakery. Though the business was successful, Eden felt as if she wasn’t following her heart. One night, she sat down at the computer and started writing a tale that seemed to spring out of a recent family tragedy. After several years of helping her husband with their business, and having three children, she finished her first book, Never Until Tomorrow, which received a 3 Star rating from Romantic Times Magazine. Since then, she hasn’t looked back. Eden has contributed articles to Romantic Times Magazine, and both the Arizona Author’s Association, and RWA Desert Rose Chapter newsletters. Her essay, Persistence, was a finalist in the 2002 Arizona Literary Contest. Yesterday’s Promise is her first paranormal romance, and she hopes her readers enjoy the twists, chills, and everlasting love this story brings to life. Eden lives in Arizona, plotting her next tale with her family, as well as two distinguished elderly cats, a rambunctious sheepdog, and a spoiled Chinese Pug who rules over everyone.

Interview Eden Robins
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1...I like the title, "Yesterdays Promise," what was your motivation for writing this story?

Thank you. My motivation for writing YESTERDAY’S PROMISE was two fold. First, I visited St. Augustine, Florida a couple of years ago, and the paranormal aura of the “Oldest City” was everywhere. I just knew I had to write about this historic place, and that it had to be a ghost story! That explains my character, Alejandro. My second reason for writing this story had to do with a very close friend of mine. She had been through an abusive relationship and managed to get out of it to become a better, stronger person. I admired her resilience and strength of will. And I know she’s not the only woman who’s done this. I felt it was important to have this issue as part of my story. That led to my character, Christine. Put these two motivations together, and you have one really sexy ghost and one beautifully strong person--two soul mates--in a city that practically cries for you to write about it.

2...How much of yourself did you incorporate into this story if any?

There is definitely some of me in YESTERDAY’S PROMISE. I would have to say that Christine and I connect on many levels. Her independence, her love of gardens, her enjoyment of history, as well as her insecurities and her need to find herself are all inside of me.

3...What inspired you, and did the inspiration follow you through the story line?

I was inspired through my travels and experiences to write a love story that delved into both the fascinating history of a city and a person’s emotional journey. I feel that inspiration held true throughout YESTERDAY’S PROMISE.

4...Would both sexes be interested in reading the story?

Without a doubt! YESTERDAY’S PROMISE is a romance, but it’s also an action packed, edge of your seat kind of story. That combined with the fascinating history of Old St. Augustine makes this a good read for both men and women.

5...What would be your advice for a new writer?

Keep writing and never give up! Oh, and did I mention never give up? Let me say it again… NEVER GIVE UP! This business is tough, but don’t stop knocking on that door until it opens. Take workshops or attend writer’s conventions if you can. You’ll learn a lot about the industry and connect with publishing professionals like agents and editors.

6...Will you continue to write in the same genre?

Definitely! Writing paranormal romances allows me to use a creative freedom that I thoroughly enjoy. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and inventing an imaginary new world like I did in NEVER UNTIL TOMORROW, or a supernatural character like Alejandro in YESTERDAY’S PROMISE.

7...What is your strategy to distribute your books?

My plan is pretty basic: Name recognition. Getting my name and my work out to as many people as possible in as many formats as possible. This can range from developing a website with a distinct presence on the Internet, to handing out bookmarks to people I don’t know, to contacting bookstores directly. If you go to the Writing Tools section of my website, you’ll see an installment by author, Elizabeth Lucas-Taylor. She provides so much information about promotion and distribution that you won’t know where to start!

8…How did your first book affect your life?

It was a learning experience! My first book, NEVER UNTIL TOMORROW, was published before I knew much about the writing industry. I guess I did things a little backwards. I wrote a book, got it published, then started asking myself, “what is this writing thing all about?”. I would not recommend doing that. Learn as much as you can about the industry, the market, and your genre in particular before hand.

9...How do people react to your ebooks?

When NEVER UNTIL TOMORROW first came out, some people didn’t even know what e-books were! Since then, the market has definitely grown. For me, the true indicator of this came when I told people about publishing YESTERDAY’S PROMISE through Wings. Everyone immediately asked me which format they could get it in, e-book or trade paperback. I think more and more people are learning to enjoy the convenience of e-books.

10...What are your future writing plans?

I’m so glad you asked! I recently finished ALL OUR TOMORROWS, the second story in my three book TOMORROW series. Like my first book, NEVER UNTIL TOMORROW, this one is also a time travel romance. ALL OUR TOMORROWS explores the mysterious Rov Hum ceremony (that Talia and Arin performed in my first book), and it delves into the sensual and somewhat primitive Tanvieran people who created it. Royal intrigue eventually leads to a warrior prince and an environmental researcher crossing through time and creating their own music!

For those of you wondering about sexy security specialist Tristan Zax, from NEVER UNTIL TOMORROW, don’t worry! He’s also in ALL OUR TOMORROWS, however his whole story will only be told in my third and final TOMORROW book--coming soon! Check out the Work In Progress section of my website to get a sneak peek at what ALL OUR TOMORROWS is ALL about. I’ll be hosting an ALL OUR TOMORROWS CONTEST in the near future. Keep checking back on my site to find out when and how to enter.

I’m currently working on a new book. I won’t say too much (it would ruin the surprise!), other than that it’s a new paranormal romance series, and a distinct departure from the last three books I’ve written. I’m hoping to host an online Treasure Hunt Contest in the near future to see who can find all the clues and guess what the new book is about! The winners will receive some fun goodies, as well as a signed copy of the book.

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