LaHaye, Jude


Jude LaHaye lives in a rustic cabin on Washington State’s Whidbey Island. His humble home is very high-tech, however, as LaHaye is an avid gamer and enjoys live-streaming some of the more competitive games he enjoys playing.

He forces himself to limit his online time by taking walks among the trees and along the beaches of his island home in the Puget Sound.

LaHaye is a student of world religions and likes to interweave themes, particularly from Eastern religions, into his novels. Although he has a Masters Degree from Purdue University in psychology, he prefers to analyze the vagaries of human behaviors with words in his books rather than on couches in his den. His characters are very human. That is, they are complicated and prone to making rash—even bad—decisions at times. They get into trouble…frequently. They can’t always get out of that trouble by themselves, though. In this way, LaHaye emphasizes that human relationships are what make living worthwhile, or even possible, in some cases.

LaHaye can often be seen on his walks with his Irish Wolfhound, Judy. Whether just unwinding, exercising, or pondering new characters and plot twists, he and his huge hound are frequently discovered out enjoying nature, and each other, in silence and solitude.