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Chances Are…

Chances Are…

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 By  Jude LaHaye

Chance Bonner has defeated the negative forces in his own psyche three separate times. As bent as these forces are to cause Chance harm, they have realized that there is another obstacle to their success: Chance is protected by a powerful warrior. A warrior who manifests as Chance’s dog, Lucky. The Devil King and his minions, safely tucked away in Chance’s own head, have come to the realization that they must eliminate the dog if they are to cause any real harm to Chance. In Chance’s Are…new creatures are in play. They are intelligent and they are determined. Some of them masquerade as human boys to deceive and sabotage Chance, his parents, his friends and his beloved dog. Others use more militant means; some are spies, agents of The King. And yet others exist external to Chance’s own special mind: Universal Negative Forces are in play, too. Chance has only one tool which will protect him from these forces: his Buddhist practice. He and Lucky face multiple threats, all designed to accomplish one thing: to take Lucky out of action…permanently.


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