Richardson, Kev


  A retired Australian journalist, Kev spent many years touring the world, writing travel article for airline magazines. His many adventures and misadventures became the bases for his several Action/Adventure novels.

As a student of Australia’s founding as a convict settlement, Kev’s six novels on that unique history, including the demise of the Aboriginal Dreamtime, are now legendary. He is certainly well qualified to write these intensive histories and visions of people’s traumas and courage, for he is a Past President of the First Fleet Fellowship, Past Secretary of The Descendants of Convicts Inc and for his work during Australia’s Bicentenary, was created Honorary Life Member of The Regiment of Redcoat Descendants.       

Several biographies of significant people also have come from Kev’s busy pen.

Two works have been finalists in the International EPIC Awards and all twenty-four novels have been awarded by professional reviewers, either 5 Stars or 5+ or 5++ Stars. Best two, however, including this one, received from Conger Book Reviews USA, its first two and only 10 Star reviews!!!

All works are available in Paperback or eBook.

Kev is twice married and now enjoys single life, writing on his experiences and studies, relaxing in the Himalayan foothills of exotic Thailand.



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1) What inspired you to write a story set in the Outback and how much research was involved?

I was inspired by the facts that Australia’s Outback is such a unique area, and that it is populated by only a ‘handful or so’ of unique people… pioneers, if you like, in a wilderness. In this case, however, the wilderness is a desert and the people so much a part of it that they were ready-made characters to write about.

Research? Damned little. Whenever I travel I carry a micro-tape-recorder to take notes and all the characters’ experiences and locale descriptions are pretty much an elasticised version of those notes.

2) How long did it take you to complete Brogan?

About a year… but I don’t work on only one book at a time; I am meanwhile writing or drafting others.

3) Do you have a website or someplace where your readers can contact you?

Go to and you will find me home. There are further updates to be made once Brogan is published, including a sequel to my Gurrewa (publ. “Wings-Press” June 2006).

Readers can contact me on the email address they will find on the website.

4) Any words of advice for aspiring authors?

Aren’t we all aspiring? I reckon so, which means I can only advise what I feel for myself… Believe in yourself. Believe that your story is credibly told. Believe in your characters, that they are as real in life as you are.