By Kev Richardson

Brogan Series Book 4

Even the best made plans of seasoned traveller Brogan, can come unstuck in South America. Many erupt into chaos, become spine-chilling adventures.

They hadn’t counted on FARC taking hostages - he must move mountains to get help.

Peru erupts in revolution – train travel over the Altiplano – a car-chase across Paraguay – the Missiones and Iguazu.

What They Are Saying About Misadventure

Once again Brogan is off on a spine-tingling misadventure in South America, the kind that makes you lust to travel with him. Multi-published author Kev Richardson has a way of creating his plots so realistically, you feel you are there. He and his Becky hadn’t counted on kidnapping, armed guards, or drug smuggling This is one love story that will keep you turning pages. A must read.

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