Hager, Lesley

Lesley grew up in wild, wonderful West Virginia and developed the writing bug after winning a poetry contest in elementary school for her poem, Bear. She has always written as a hobby and never considered trying to make a career of it until recently. After determining that being a princess wasn’t a good career path, Lesley decided she would be an FBI agent (mostly through watching too many episodes of The X Files). But then, realizing that as an FBI agent, the possibility of seeing a dead body would be very likely, she scrapped that career, too. Lesley went through many career choices ranging from work in hotels, grocery stores, universities and non-profits before landing where she is today—a writer and a Zumba instructor who also works for a local economic and community development organization. Lesley also writes for Examiner.com as the Charleston Budget Travel Examiner.

Lesley has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a master’s degree in criminal justice, both from Marshall University. Having been all over the United States and 14 countries, she loves to travel, but her favorite place is her husband’s homeland of Ireland. She has taken her many trips to Ireland and worked them into her first novel, Coincidence.

Lesley divides her time between Charleston, West Virginia and Derry, Ireland with her husband, Barry, and two cats, Charlie and Fox Jeffrey.