Toft, David

Born in Bradford, England, David gained a degree in education at Kesteven College before going on to work in London and Warwickshire. He now lives in South County Dublin, Ireland with his wife Mary.

The Butterflies Trilogy


Interview David Toft


Marilyn Levinson


1) What life experiences helped form you to become a fiction writer?


I grew up surrounded by books, so there was no ‘road to Damascus’ moment. I guess it was just a short step from reading stories and loving them to yearning to create my own.


2) You write paranormal and fantasy novels. What draws you to these



The freedom. My stories can go where they will, unconstrained by the laws of man or physics.


3) What is your latest book, SOULFARM, about? What are the themes that run through it?


Power and the abuse of it, especially the power of the clergy. The abuses of a church practically unrestrained by civil law are something which Ireland in particular is still coming to terms with.


4) How do you resolve plot problems that arise as you’re writing? How and when do you arrive at your most creative writing ideas?


I never plan a story, so I’m constantly writing my characters into cul-de-sacs.

I reverse to the last junction and try again. It makes the journey longer, but far more interesting.


5) How do you choose your titles?


I try not to think about them until they leap out and smack me on the head. This doesn’t always work.


6) How much of you is in your protagonist? In your other characters?


Not so much now as in my early stories. I’d like to think that my characters are far more interesting than their creator.


7) How do you enjoy spending your time when you’re not writing?


Outside of my day job there’s not much of it. My mind tends to be writing when my body is doing something else. This probably makes me a very boring dinner guest.


8) Do you enjoy reading books in your genre or are you a more eclectic reader? What are some of your favorite books?

I read anything except romance. My wife Mary keeps my to read pile stocked. Her judgement is much better than mine.


9) Do you have another job besides writing novels? If you don’t, what job or position would you enjoy if you weren’t a writer?


Unfortunately I still need to hold down a day job to pay the bills. It’s the yearning to escape from it that keeps my dreams alive and me writing.


Interview David Toft


L. Hennessy


1)     Is there a big idea in your latest novel that you want the reader to come away with?


2) When did you first realize that you wanted to tell stories?

I grew up surrounded by books. It’s such a short step from loving to read stories to wanting to create them, but it’s so long ago that I can’t remember exactly when it happened.


 3) Name a few of your favorite authors?

There really is only one author whose books I seek out just because he wrote them – John Irving - a master craftsman


4) What makes a great character?

A great writer.


5) As part of the writing process, do you create an extensive outline or do your stories develop as you write?

I’m a real pantser and plan nothing. It leads to a lot of dead ends, but when one story takes off, then takes over, it’s worth it.


6) What compels you to write?

I never feel compelled. I just can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing.


7) Tell us a little about your background?

Northern English working class, the best start in life anyone could have – once you manage to escape from it.


8) Can you describe your writing process? Do you write everyday?

Decades ago I tweaked my alarm clock back two hours to give myself an early morning writing window. It’s a discipline I’ve stuck with and for me it works.


9) In your opinion, what makes a good read?

A good writer.


10) Are you currently working on something?

I’m always working on something, even when I appear to be staring vacantly out of the bus window.