Henson, Wendy Jane

My passion for writing is equaled only by my love for drama. Publication of my first article in a national magazine and my first leading role in a high school play came when I was fifteen. In college I mixed both with a bachelor's degree in theater arts and English. While I worked for twenty-three years in educational and civic theater, my articles and essays continued to be published. I also wrote plays, and a few were produced. But I knew it was extremely hard to write for film and television, so I avoided that. Until a certain story kept coming back from publishers with the note, “This doesn't work as a novel, but it would make a good movie.” The story which back then didn't work as a novel was Yonkheer. Adapted as a screenplay, it went on to perform well in various competitions, became an award winner, and the die was cast. I went back to school, earning a master's degree in screenwriting. Despite their interest in Yonkheer, producers rarely pay the high budget historical pieces require. So, despite being a warmly praised sample, the film was never made. Now it seems I sharpened my writing skills enough that Yonkheer has come full circle, becoming the narrative prose story I began with. I hope readers enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing it.