Sand, Gary

Gary Sand was born and raised on a wheat farm in North Dakota, but decided that farming was not his calling, so upon graduation from high school he enlisted in the Air Force, an association that lasted 23 years. Following his  Air Force and aerospace electronics careers, he left the Pacific Northwest and settled in small-town Texas, where he began writing for his own enjoyment. His first novel, In Dreams, was published in 2011 and he’s currently working on a yet unnamed murder mystery. When not writing, he can be found restoring a classic car, building something from wood, or quietly enjoying the company of his wife and three dogs.

Interview Gary Sand


Dorothy Bodoin


1. To begin, could you please tell us about yourself.

I was born and raised in North Dakota, but left for Texas after my discharge from Air Force active duty. However, I had to make a thirty year stop in Washington State to earn a living, but now I’m retired from both the aerospace industry and a concurrent twenty-three year career in the Air Force Reserve. I’m married to a native Texan and we live in rural East Texas with our two dogs and an abundance of wildlife in the woods around us. I like to restore old cars, and for relaxation I read and write fiction.

2. Your July release has an intriguing title. What genre is it and would you briefly summarize the plot?

In Dreams is a general fiction love story about two older people who discover the embers of love still burning more than forty years after their broken engagement. My love for old cars plays a substantial role in the story, and a plot twist near the end will surprise the reader.

3. This appears to be your first books with Wings ePress. What other books or stories or non-fiction have you written?

I’ve written a few short stories for family members and friends, but had never considered writing for publication until I wrote this novel. It’s my first novel and I’m still somewhat in shock to realize that strangers will be reading my story!

4. Can you tell us what inspired your book?

Indelible memories of a better time, old friends, love of classic cars, and a storyline that I nurtured in my mind for years.

5. Do you have a favorite character? Or setting?  Or theme?  If so, please describe it.

My favorite scene is where the two main characters meet after forty-seven years. Neither is prepared for the emotions they feel, nor the responses they elicit.

6. Describe your typical writing day.

I hate to admit it, but I have no writing discipline and work in fits and spurts. I wrote ninety percent of In Dreams in three days, but it took months to finish the remaining ten percent. My discipline is better in winter when there is less temptation to be outdoors. I rise very early and am more creative at 5:30 am than at any other time, so most of my writing is done in the morning.

7. Do you have any particular promotion plans to share with us?

Not really. Since this is my first book, I’m still learning the ropes.

8. What books do you read in your leisure time? Do you have any favorite authors?

I have very little time for TV, but I read every evening and I read for enjoyment, not enlightenment. Fiction is my preference and a few favorite authors are Nelson DeMille, John Sandford, Brian Haig, and John Nance, but I enjoy many others.

9. Is there anyone who has been especially helpful to you in your writing career?

My wife, Judy. Besides being my strongest cheerleader, she also likes to write, so she understands.

10. What do you plan to write next?

I’m working on a murder mystery, relationship-driven novel set in a small Montana town. It’s tentatively titled A Murder in Church.