Paull, Mike

Mike Paull, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, had two passions that preceded his writing career.  He was a practicing dentist and a licensed commercial pilot.  In 2000, he retired from dental practice and in 2010, he retired from flying to devout full time to writing.

His first book, Tales from the Sky Kitchen Café, is a series of short stories describing his experiences as a pilot hanging out in a small airport coffee shop.  His next series of books, the Brett Raven Mystery Trilogy, features a dentist as the protagonist and mystery solver.

In 2021 Mike introduced, Missing, a spy thriller.  She’s Missing, Book II in the Missing series, was published in 2022. Missing in the Maldives, is advertised as the last book in the series.

Mike and his wife Bev now live two hundred miles north of San Francisco in Chico, CA.