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Missing in the Maldives

Missing in the Maldives

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By Mike Paull

Craig (Coop) Cooper and Zoe Fields, who work as spies with the Agency—the bureau in charge of United States intelligence information—continue their exploits.

Four hundred and fifty miles off the coast of Sri Lanka, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, lie twelve hundred small islands—the Maldives.  A body, carrying Coop’s passport, washes ashore on one of them. Coop is very much alive and wants to know who was using his credentials. He books a flight to Malé, the capital city.

Meanwhile, three thousand miles away, Zoe travels to Tel Aviv, Israel, in search of an assassin who six months earlier not only betrayed his country but also shot Coop and Zoe.

Somehow these occurrences are related, and the two agents risk their lives to find the connection. As their search becomes intense, nothing is really as it seems; deception is everywhere and after the mystery is solved, Coop is left disillusioned, vowing to retire. Whether he will stay true to his word is left unanswered. Each reader must decide for himself.

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