Weaver, Suzanne and Lattimer, Linda

Meet Suzanne Weaver and Linda Lattimer

Suzanne Lattimer-Weaver lives in Southern Georgia with her husband of 13 years and her two sons. Writing has always been her life, since she was in Elementary School. She has written many stories since then and has kept them to this day. In High School, her friends would enjoy reading them and couldn’t wait for the next one. When she heard that her story One Lane Bridge was going to be published through Wings-ePress, she was in tears of joy and speechless. She has one poem published in Treasured Poems of America Winter 1993.

Linda Lattimer lives in a small town in southern Georgia. Reading and writing are her passions because of the freedom of escape they allow. She enjoys traveling and seeing new places, including Raymond Gary Park, in Oklahoma. Her favorite to frequent, the beauty and tranquil peacefulness of the park has much to offer. She is a published author with Avalon, and has forthcoming mysteries with Wings-ePress.


Interview Linda L. Lattimer and Suzanne Lattimer-Weaver


Marianne Salmon and Diederik Meenken

1) Tell us a little about your book?

Linda: I’ll let Suzanne answer this one:

Suzanne: It's basically about a married couple who leave a big city for a small city thinking they will be safer and maybe start a family, but they soon realize that even a smaller city can be just as dangerous if not more.

2) What inspired you to write?

Suzanne: I don't know if I could really say that anything really inspired me, I can just remember sitting in 7th and 8th grade and would just start writing plays, it just felt like the most natural thing for me to do.

Linda: I can’t really say. I grew up on westerns and reading books and books at the local library and just took pen to paper one day and started from there and have been composing ever since. My daughters followed in my steps.

3) Is it difficult to write as a team?

Suzanne: Not necessarily, we kind of help each other out, one of us will think of one thing to write and the other puts their input into it also, always seems to work out well that way.

4) Have either of you written books individually?

Suzanne: Yes, we have, my mom, Linda, has written many, of which are published, and I have written a lot on my own also, I just always give her mine and then she inputs into them.

Linda: Yes, this alone is my third with Wings ePress. I always have something going on in my head with ideas running amuck. When Suzanne first wrote One Lane Bridge it was 70 pages and I read it and said can I work with this and in no time it was a novel.

5) What prompted you to base the book in Utah and New York?

Suzanne: I was kind of trying to think of a place where there was most likely a big city and then one that would have a small city, to make it seem like one would be better than the other.

Linda: When Suzanne had them mentioned in New York, I thought Utah, too, would be a great place, going from huge city life, to a western flare, and a bit different.

6) What do you like to read yourselves?

Suzanne: I like stories that are true to life, mystery, romance, if it can get my attention from the beginning, it can be about anything, something that can hold my attention.

Linda: I feel the same but love mysteries and suspense, I think overall, then historical westerns and romances pop into my mind.

7) Do you have any words of advice for aspiring writers?

Suzanne: Keep writing. I would have never thought that I would be having a book published, but it is. Dreams can come true.

Linda: I agree with Suzanne. I know when I phoned her to tell her to check her email, that Lorraine had sent a contract, it grew awfully quiet and I had to continue asking was she all right. I thought I would have to get in the car and go check on her, she was truly speechless. This was something that she had always desired, as I did, too.

8) Are any of your main characters based on real people?

Suzanne: In this book, no, but I have written stories that were based on real people.

9) How long have you been writing?

Suzanne: Since I was at least 13, so, about 21 years.

Linda: For many many years.

10) How would you describe your book?

Suzanne: Suspenseful.

Thanks for great questions; we really enjoyed this interview and look forward to reading more great books from Wings.