Wisseman, Sarah

Sarah Wisseman is a retired archaeologist. Her experience working on excavations and in museums inspired two contemporary series, the Lisa Donahue Archaeological Mysteries and the Flora Garibaldi Art History Mysteries. Her settings are places where she has lived or traveled (Israel, Italy, Egypt, Massachusetts, and Illinois) and her favorite museum used to be housed in a creepy old attic at the University of Illinois. Her latest book is The Botticelli Caper (WingsePress September 2019). Visit her at sarahwisseman.com


The Dead Sea Codex (2006)

Bound for Eternity (2005)

The Fall of Augustus (2009)

The House of the Sphinx (2010)

The Bootlegger’s Nephew (2012)

Burnt Siena (2015)

Catacomb ( 2016)

The Botticelli Caper (2019)



The Virtual Mummy (2003)



 "Digging Death: Archaeological Mysteries" Summer 2006 issue, Mystery Scene

"Digging Golden Age Mysteries, Layer by Layer," Spring 2009 issue of Mysterical-E

“Is Someone Watching Me?” Winter 2010 issue, Mystery Scene

“The Botticelli Caper: Posing as an Art Thief at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence,” Fall 2019 issue of Mystery Scene.


Short Stories:

“Safari,” Echelon Press (2006)

“Let There be Light,” Amazon Shorts (2007)

“Justice,” Sniplits (2008)

"Malice Archaeological" (Summer 2008) Mysterical-E

“Heaven for Roosters” (January 2010), Mysterical-E

“Mummy Dearest” (Amazon 2011)
“The Morrow Plot” (Amazon 2012)
“Heaven for Roosters" (Amazon 2011)
“Then Fall, Caesar” (Amazon 2011)
“Malice Archaeological" (Amazon 2012)
“Death on Display” (Amazon 2016)

“Good for What Ails You" (Amazon 2017)