By Sarah Wisseman

Lisa Donahue Archaeological Mysteries Book 1

Archaeologist Lisa Donahue travels to Israel to arrange a loan of artifacts for her Philadelphia museum. Even before she finds a scrap of ancient manuscript in a ceramic jar, she is the subject of intense interest from strangers. A Lebanese computer salesman follows her to her Jerusalem hotel where someone has delivered a mysterious message for her. Then she runs into an old boyfriend who hints at an extraordinary archaeological find being sold in pieces on the black market.

Instead of spending her visit in a dusty storeroom documenting old pottery, Lisa finds herself hanging off a cliff and exploring caves near the Dead Sea, racing to find a lost codex before Christian fanatics destroy it.

What They Are Saying About The Dead Sea Codex

"The Dead Sea Codex is full of mystery, intrigue, and the potential questioning of everything we've believed true of Christianity and its origins. This smart mystery allows the reader to travel to Israel and become an archaeologist, and adventurer, and treasure hunter for just a little while."

-- Tami Brady, TCM Reviews


"Many may make comparisons to The DaVinci Code, and does have some things in common, but this book stands all on its own. A wonderful book for a rainy afternoon or to take to the beach. I anxiously await the next Lisa Donahue mystery."

- Risseybug, Lighthouse Literary Reviews