Johnson, Diana Lee

Diana Lee Johnson is a native of Northern Virginia and a bit of a history buff. By day she’s the Purchasing Agent for a municipal government. By night (and weekends) she’s a writer.

Stories flow through her mind like movies projecting in her head, waiting for her to find time to write them down. Diana must switch them off so she can work at her day job. “I weave a little of myself into everything I write. My characters take on their own personalities and I wait like the reader to hear what they say next.”

Writing poetry since the age of 6, Diana dabbled in short stories at 13, but took prose more seriously as an outlet after she turned 30, never dreaming she could sit still long enough to write a complete novel. This mystery-suspense makes her 8th published novel. She enjoys writing fiction in several genres hoping to entertain a variety of readers with drama, suspense, humor, and romance. Her characters could be someone you know (or would like to) or someone so outrageous you can only imagine how amusing it would be to meet him or her.