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By Diana Lee Johnson

Alison Timberlane’s escape from a string of violent deaths, and an abusive husband led her to a new life in a new place with a new name. The lock on her heart is not easily opened when love tries to penetrate in the person of a young ex-soldier. When her past catches up, his secrets push her over the edge and back into danger.

Fleeing to what she believes is her only refuge, Alison creates her own prison, and unravels the horrible carnage behind her. She is in no condition to attempt escape. Can her young lover trust her ex-husband enough to enlist his aid? Will they rescue her before she becomes the next murder victim?

What They Are Saying About Unraveled

After an unspeakable tragedy leaves her devastated and terrified, Jessica Hallberg realizes she must flee. She moves hundreds of miles away, changes her name to Alison Timberlane, and immerses herself in a new career. She resolves that she will never again open her heart to love, preferring instead the emotional wasteland that now dwells within her. But Alison soon finds that she can't leave her demons behind, and realizes that she is caught in a dangerous maze. Circling around her is a killer whose past is as secretive as it is shocking.

Unraveled is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that is as clever as it is unpredictable. Diana Lee Johnson has crafted a novel that is brimming with astonishing surprises, shocking twists and turns, and characters that are tenacious and brilliantly created. This impressive book will keep you turning the pages. Ms. Johnson has given us another outstanding hit. She just makes it look so easy!

—Tina Dean,

Associate Editor

Virginia Writing


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