Wilcox, Edee

Edee Wilcox lives in North Carolina with her husband, two children and two cats. She has a passion for reaching out to young people and guiding them toward the life God promises. In addition to writing fiction, Edee is a reader for ReadingWriters.com where aspiring writers can get their work read and critiqued. Her work can also be found at FictionAddiciton.net where she has reviewed several Christian fiction titles for children as well as adults.

When she’s not busy with her family, the youth at church, reading, or writing, she’s hard at work as a corporate trainer where she has been training new employees and writing training materials including manuals, procedures, and job aids for various companies since 1991. She also has a BS in Business Administration and an MBA.


Interview Edee Wilcox


Angela Verdenius


1) Hi Edee. YA writers have always fascinated me <g> …so I am dying to ask some questions! Saved Times Three--The three obviously has significant meaning. What is/are it/they?

Three of the characters begin to look at life differently when Erica and her mom move to Hidden Oakes. Throughout the story, one wonders which character will influence the other, as their backgrounds are so diverse.

2) Is the story based on conflicts you have seen in teenagers?

Absolutely! As the mother of a 12 year old daughter and 13 year old son, I see how they can be influenced by their friends and how difficult some of their choices will be.

3) Teenagers today face a lot of peer pressure. Do you think writing a book like this will help them to understand the journey they have ahead of them?

My hope is they will be able to relate to the struggles of each of the characters and from that, examine themselves and their own choices.

4) What kind of message are you trying to bring across to YA readers?

I’m not sure there is a ‘message’ so to speak. I’ve read on several Myspace profiles of teens such quotes as “Who likes to read?” when asked about a favorite book. I hope Saved Times Three will inspire teens to want to read a book and have authors on their list of people they’d like to meet in addition to the litany of singers, movie stars, and sports figures that are usually listed. There’s nothing wrong with celebrity, I’d just like to see a few more authors on the list 

5) What was the hardest thing to write about this book?

To not come off as a ‘parent’ and preach to the audience. It’s very important for the main character to find her way without the assistance of my age.

6) What kind of research was involved in this book?

Media, newspapers, personal accounts, viewing of YAs, etc? I read a lot of YA books--I actually enjoy them as much as those written for my age group. I also work with the youth in my church and there are always kids at my house so I listen to the conversations and read through various blogs and internet postings to get a feel for what they’re going through.

7) How do you ‘get into the mind’ of a YA, to be able to write a story about them for them?

This is going to sound like a contradiction of question #5, but that’s actually the easy part. I enjoy being around this age group and I have many of the same interests minus the drama so when I sit down to write, I think of one of ‘my girls’ and try to write from their perspective.

8) Do you think adults would benefit from reading this book as well

I think adults would enjoy it. It might bring back a few memories.

9) What is the youngest age a reader would have to be for this book?

Probably 12.

10) What is the best advice you can give to a teenager facing the peer pressures of today?

In addition to a lot of prayer, remember everything your parents have taught you and don’t be afraid to ask them or another adult you trust for help when you’re struggling.

11) What inspired you to write this book?

Listening to my middle school Sunday school class talking about their weekends. These were 12-14 year old kids talking about drinking and making out. At the time, my kids were only 9 and 10 and the conversations I was hearing scared me to death.

12) What did you gain, personally, from writing this book?

Since it’s my second book, the confirmation that I had more than one story in me.


Thanks so much for your time, Edee!