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A German Stirring

A German Stirring

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By Kev Richardson

The Beresford Branson Series Book 3

Deprivation in occupied Germany immediately after WW2 seems greater than that in most occupied countries under the Nazis. Are the Allied victors guilty as charged, of major malpractices?

For a long period, the peace proved more deadly than the fiercest battle. German deaths from malnutrition and starvation exceeded the sum of its soldiers, sailors and airmen killed in action.

After the war, the victorious Allies are rightfully accused of as much graft, corruption and duplicity as they accused Germany of, before and during the war.

What They Are Saying About A German Stirring

*****10 Stars*****!!!

Only once have I ever scored a book a ‘10-out-of 5’ Stars…and I thought it could never happen again. I was wrong!

I simply couldn’t put down, A GERMAN STIRRING. You like History? Kev Richardson makes it up front and personal. It’s history…but this author never lets you forget that it takes real people fighting for what they believe in, to make up History. Great suspense!

JoEllen Conger

CongerBooks Reviews USA

Richardson pulls no punches in accusing the Allied Administration of malpractice and duplicity in the occupation of Germany after World War II—that having railed against Nazi lies and inhuman treatment of civilians before and during it, they became as guilty. His humanist views on how in-fighting between Allied leaders caused continued civilian suffering, takes one’s breath away. It is indeed a sensitive view of what really happened in Germany between Surrender and the start of the Cold War, with Generals of all sides taking their different paths to the restoration of peace.

A stunning piece of work!

Libby Abbott

Aussie e-Book Reviews

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