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An Epic Life

An Epic Life

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By Kev Richardson

A Family Series Book 3

An Epic Life is a true tale of an adventurous couple reaching across the world to fulfil a life’s dream—a major achievement in the mid nineteenth century.

The evolution of the steam engine revolutionised both time and travel. It was the whisk that developed the industrial revolution, propelled Great Britain along the track to become the most powerful nation in the nineteenth century world. The railway industry became, for many families, a lifetime career through generations.

An Epic Life introduces a second couple from a different lifestyles, yet the lives of each become whisked together in a froth and bubble adventure to create, on the far side of the world, a Dynasty

What They Are Saying About An Epic Life

5 Star Award!

A continuing Kev Richardson historical account of his extensive ancestral family tree, down through the evolving times of the industrial revolution brought on by steam-engines, hand-crafted train coaches and the ever-spreading spider-webbing of railroad tracks on the raw new continent of Australia. This author has an enchanting way of portraying the reality of living, breathing people behind the facts and dates found in your history books.

In An Epic Life, history shows in the mid 1800s, it became important to populate the British colonies’ frontiers. It was a time in history when the number of sons was the only thing that ensured future prosperity. While adventurous men put their backs into the needed workforce to conquer the new land, the brave young brides did what they did best... kept house and bore new ‘Littlies.’ It was a harsh land, and not all of them survived, as the graveyards attest. It was a time when men and women braved the unknown to develop new territories.

Steam engines challenged the prospects of a meaningful future for those who recognized the importance of learning their letters and numbers. Education became more important than just for the elite. Even for those spunky enough to educate themselves, letter writing became one of the only ways to keep in touch with uprooted families, constantly on the move to wherever their work demanded they go.

After his father’s untimely death, as the oldest child in the family, it fell to Charles Allison Richardson to face the responsibility of providing for his mother’s family. Apprenticed at age twelve, Charles became fast chums with cousin Richard, and once educated in the service of the Royal Engineers, Charles set out to explore the new land, finding passage through the challenging terrain of the Blue Mountains. The family progresses to senior railway management.

Kev Richardson carries you through the laughter and pathos of a large family bent on taking care of its own. The integrated families have a proud history, and a bloodline to uphold. The story includes numerous nuptials, births and unexpected funerals. It was an era when loyal family members stuck together through thick and thin—happiness, contentment... or grief, determined to survive each new challenge.

JoEllen Conger

Conger Book Reviews, USA


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