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Brogan Abroad

Brogan Abroad

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By Kev Richardson

Brogan Series Book 5

Three distinctive true tales are, in Brogan Abroad, threaded into a single adventure. Brogan plans none—all are thrust upon him and all prove life-threatening. Each destines him to having his throat slit in some dark alley…

Yet what can a man do, he laments, when to accomplish one I must fail at another?

While hiding out in Thailand from a Sydney cocaine cartel, he becomes involved in smuggling high-profile prostitutes into Australia—an adventure interrupted when unwittingly used as a courier in a third-world nation counting down hours to bloody revolution.

What They Are Saying About Brogan Abroad

This may not be the same ‘Brogan’ as Kev Richardson portrayed in his other Brogan stories, but he nonetheless fits the same mold of a devil-may-care adventurer. At first I thought if this Brogan didn’t have ‘bad luck’ he wouldn’t have any luck at all...but then I realized that if it hadn’t been for his luck he surely would have been robbed of more than just his camera in Africa, gotten nailed as a smuggler of exotic women, or had his throat slashed in a darkened alley. I challenge anyone to put this book down once they start reading. Double dare you!

Brogan, a freelance travel journalist, doesn’t have to look for trouble. It seeks him out. Becky, his live-in partner of two years, is an actress on the go. Both are familiar with the stresses created during international travel. Brogan’s employer is always assigning him to far-off places to assess and write about various traveling venues, some of them more difficult than others. Least of which is the little revolution in the Sudan as he has been dispatched to evaluate a certain train ride for a Backpacker’s Holiday. Nothing endangers North African trains running on time like a little political unrest.

And in the meantime he has also been conned into smuggling a foreign ‘working girl’ into Australia. Hopefully, not getting himself caught for trafficking a high-maintenance call girl into the country. “The Daeng Project” as he calls it, has the shots being called by a shadowy man by the name of Neung—as well as mysterious individuals from the British Embassy who do not seem to exist when he tries to report his progress.

Brogan Abroad is an exciting, fast-moving tale of intrigue, airline strikes, kidnapping, political unrest, threatening bad guys, revolutions and smuggling, that Brogan must weave around an exacting timetable... or else.

Kev Richardson does himself proud on this one. It’s the kind of book you can’t put down.

JoEllen—Conger Book Reviews (USA)


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