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Beresford at Bay

Beresford at Bay

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By Kev Richardson

The Beresford Branson Series Book 4

At the end of World war II, the Allied Control Council is given leave to decide on the rebuilding of Germany. Political infighting however, makes headway difficult as the Big 3 trip and stumble over each others’ feet.
Democracy and Communism cannot find a common path in leading Germany out of Nazism into a more meaningful nation in terms of international unity.
Can Beresford’s Red Cross influence help save what seems an inevitable failure of the Zoning system?

What They Are Saying About Beresford at Bay

5+ Stars!

Multi-published Historical author, Kev Richardson brings out his fourth book of Beresford Branson’s life during WWII. This author has a unique way of presenting the individual people behind the making of history. I highly recommend this book, especially for history lovers.

An active operative of the British M15 Special Force 8673, he must juggle his love-life between his war-time duties and his love for Yvette, or La Chat as she had been known in the French underground but now a member of Sécurité Français. While nurturing the newly divided Germany, struggling to feed its starving populous, Berry dreams of a time when he can escape his wartime duties, to marry his true love, back in the family estate, Folly Drift.

Kev Richardson brings us another 5+ Historical…

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Beresford at Bay is a magnificent finish to Richardson’s Beresford Branson Series.

Beresford finds himself in even deeper disarray as political bickering in the Allied Control Council leads to the collapse of Germany’s governing body. The wonderful dream of building a united Germany from the ashes of its Nazi history, itself dies a sorry death as the country splits into two warlike Zones. Beresford needs to look to his own future, sorting out the romantic tangle he had been suffering, that it has better prospects than Europe seemed headed for. A sparkling piece of work!

Libby Abbott,

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