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Letitia Munro

Letitia Munro

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By Kev Richardson

The Letitia Munro Series Book 1

A true tale of Australia’s first white settlement.

Letitia Munro is a true tale of those who in witless ignorance transform the world’s biggest prison into a land of free enterprise and pride.

Ignominy of servitude was bred into the first white Australians as was irrefragable support for the underdog, determination of purpose towards mateship, their flippant attitude to authority and conventions of class distinction, and a will to cleave a path out of adversity to grasp chance and create opportunity.

Their children grow up in the shadows of their parents’ pasts, unwitting of the social taboos being woven into the fabric of their spawning culture.

When the sins of their fathers become beholden on them as society values change, must they deny their very heritage?

What They Are Saying About Letitia Munro

Richardson shows very poignantly where the Australian ‘free spirit’ and attitudes to authority stem from. As a glimpse into the times of just over 200 years ago, it is a fine historical record. I enjoyed this work immensely; it should be compulsory reading for all, especially Australians.

Lang Reid

“Chiang Mai Mail

and “Pattaya Mail”

Letitia Munro, by Kev Richardson, himself a 6th generation descendant First Fleeter, continues his authentic historical account about the 162,000 convicts  imprisoned on New South Wales. It was a land that not even the king himself knew had too little fresh water for drinking, or sufficient tillable soil to support the hoards of convicts he sent to populate the colony. Five Star Award!

JoEllen Conger

Conger Books Reviews, USA

I just love the way you throw a story together…

JoEllen Conger

Conger Books Reviews, USA



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