By Jude LaHaye

Archeologists have not discovered the tomb of Akhenaten, the Heretic Pharaoh. They have not found the tomb of his beloved queen, Nefertiti, either. Although the pharaoh and his queen died 3400 years ago, there are still some members of an ancient Egyptian priesthood alive today who are sworn to discover and destroy their tombs in order to disrupt their afterlives and make it impossible for them to return to live once again. In all of the centuries which separate our world and that of the ancient pharaoh, the priesthood has passed down its secrets to successive generations…some of whom have left Egypt for the New World: Manhattan, to be specific. The priests have unwitting opponents, and these are our protagonists. Meet Rachel Beane and Ned Peters, two young New Yorkers with the power to catalyze rock. Then meet the rocks they have awakened…

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