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Fat Chance

Fat Chance

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By Jude LaHaye

Chance Bonner is depressed. He’s not growing—developing—like his friends are. He is torn between curiosity and complete resignation. The curiosity? He doesn’t know who his birth parents are. That means he doesn’t know if his genes will condemn him to be short, or if perhaps he is just a late bloomer. As for the resignation…he has lost his friends. He has lost respect for himself. He has even stopped joining his mother for her twice-daily chanting sessions. Things are bleak, which causes the negative forces within Chance to rejoice and actually increase their efforts to finish him off. Chance is special. They know that. It is their mission to obstruct him – to cause him to fail. But Chance has more friends than he knows—many more. They will rise to help him. It’s another epic battle between the negative and positive forces both extant in Chance’s own mind and permeating the environment around him. The Devil King, his Beast, and swarms of minions return in this, the second book of the Chance series. This time they will be confronted by some newcomers, including Chance’s own birth mother, as well as some old and interesting friends. Join us!


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