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Second Chance

Second Chance

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 By Jude LaHaye

Chance Bonner awakens one morning shouting out the name of a fictional—and alien —character he had invented in a story he had written months before. In his short story, the character had been his unknown twin brother. His outburst is witnessed by one of the denizens of his psyche, who protects this knowledge, instinctively knowing that this event is not borne from Chance’s imagination, but in fact, arises from his awesome intuition: Chance must have a twin somewhere in this world. As an unsuspecting Chance descends the stairs from his bedroom to his kitchen, he is totally unaware that the creatures residing in his own mind have now targeted his mother as his weak link. They strive to undermine her self-confidence—and her Buddhist faith. Their goal? To use Nan Bonner, Chance’s mother, to undermine Chance’s own confidence and courage. Join us in another epic battle between Chance Bonner and the elemental forces, both internal and universal, which strive to destroy his happiness…and his future. In this episode something huge is introduced: chaos.


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