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Dirty Business

Dirty Business

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By Jack N. Lawson

Dr. Emily Travis, an animal scientist in Raleigh, NC, has been requested to visit a dairy farm where the cattle have become seriously sick—to the point of death—with a mystery illness. She is aided in her investigation by her prison chaplain husband, Stephen, who is recovering from a gunshot wound due to their investigation into the victimization of inmates by prison staff (Criminal Justice). What begins as straightforward scientific investigation leads to the discovery of deliberate dumping of toxic waste (PCBs) over hundreds of miles of rural roads—polluting land, water sources and all those who rely upon them. But who would do such a thing and why? As more animal herds and people begin to fall ill, Emily and Stephen find themselves involved in a web of criminal intrigue wherein the person(s) behind the toxic spills will stop at nothing—including murder—to keep from being found out.


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