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By Richard Whitten Barnes

It’s 1941, and Riza Manceda, a beautiful American intelligence officer, needs someone to impersonate a Japanese officer for a dangerous mission to her homeland of the Philippines. Her search uncovers the ideal man in Daniel Suhiro, a first generation Nisei with perfect credentials for the job…but maybe not so perfect.

The mission is to prevent the Japanese from discovering the Allies have broken their “unbreakable” Purple code. This secret could shorten – or lengthen – the war by years, and is known by an officer captured in Luzon. Riza and Daniel train to either rescue the officer or, if necessary, assassinate him.

The compelling story of their harrowing venture meticulously comes to life as the pair becomes drawn closer to each other and then thrown headlong into incredible peril.

What They Are Saying About Luzon

Ever had that feeling you’ve been gripped by sharp claws that simply won’t let go? Richard Whitten Barnes’ latest work Luzon does exactly that. I opened it the evening I received it and from the opening page I was hooked. I couldn’t escape. At 2 a.m. I took it to bed, finishing it in time for a late breakfast. It is real history with characters still alive enough to hold you spellbound. Was it really them and not me trapped in the Philippines, forced into that fateful march?

A must read even if not an addict for high adventure and heart-fluttering tension, fatal exhaustion seeming the only foreseeable release. Masterful stuff!

Kevin Mitchell,

Adventure Reviews

Richard Barnes has written a World War II novel mindful of W.E.B. Griffin. Luzon has something for every reader; history, social issues, romance, suspense, and intrigue. Tightly written, it focuses on the story of a Japanese-American student-turned-soldier and the woman from Luzon who turns to espionage and needs his help. Luzon is a page-turner and enjoyable read.

Cheryl Norman

EPIC award winning author

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