By Susan R. Sweet

Penny MaGrath, an overly protected, painfully shy young woman, is suddenly torn from her sheltered home and family in Florida when her Aunt Les insists on taking her to Australia. Penny is greeted by family she never knew existed. Why were they kept secret all these years?

Unless Devin MaGrath, only heir to the MaGrath lands and sheep herd, and his uncles can figure out what’s killing the sheep, there may be no herd or land to inherit. Devin welcomes the arrival of his Aunt Les to help until he’s expected to play guide for his cousin Penny. He resents being left out of the investigation of the sheep deaths because of this unwanted guest. Resentment turns to concern for her safety when an egotistical madman turns to murder to accomplish his greedy ambition. Will Devin’s protective feelings lead to love?

What They Are Saying About A Deadly Agent

“DEADLY AGENT kept me riveted with its suspense and plot twists. Nice surprise ending with a little romance, too.”

—Cheryl Norman, author



“Set in the rugged outback of Australia, A Deadly Agent is a tale of love, courage, and intrigue. Devastated by the loss of both parents, young Penny MaGrath, in the company of her aunt, travels to Australia to meet relatives she hadn’t known existed. Upon arriving, her first encounter is with the handsome, rugged Devin. Penny tries to quell the attraction she feels for Devin, but it is soon apparent to the reader that Penny and Devin are meant for each other. A mysterious virus, and several unexplained deaths lead the young couple on a search for answers.

Ms. Sweet has written an intriguing story that will keep you guessing right up to the last chapter. Her characters are likable, and their stories interesting. The book was a quick read and I stayed up late to finish it.”

—Anita Lourcey Tooke, Author

Out Of Her Dreams

“In Deadly Agent we travel with the heroine, Penny, from a log cabin deep in the Florida woods to an outback property in Australia. Invited by relatives she had no previous knowledge of, Penny finds herself caught up in a frightening course of events—and also finds an enduring love. If you enjoy a story packed with suspense, mystery and intrigue you’ll love this one. Lovers of romance won’t be disappointed either. And be prepared for a surprise twist at the end—I didn’t see it coming.”

—Tricia McGill author

Amaryllis and Designing Heart

A Deadly Agent is a wonderful book of suspense, and the pain and pleasure of first love. Sue Sweet has created characters that will stay with you long after you finish the book. This is one you’ll want to read again.”

—Barbara Woodward, author

The Heart Remembers

Follow Your Heart


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