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A Ghost of Gunfire (The Foxglove Corners Series Book 18)

A Ghost of Gunfire (The Foxglove Corners Series Book 18)

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By Dorothy Bodoin

Months after gunfire erupted in her classroom, leaving one student dead and another wounded, Jennet Ferguson begins to hear mysterious gunshots inaudible to anyone else.

While Jennet fears she may be losing her grip of reality, she encounters a threatening stranger near her home. Soon after, she finds a collie tethered to a tree in the woods and left to die. When another collie meets the same fate, she resolves to find the abuser and put an end to his demented activities.

What They Are Saying About.A Ghost of Gunfire

Tension runs high in A Ghost of Gunfire, in only the way Bodoin can create them – with suspense, excitement and a real sense of fear. A thread of foreboding filters throughout the book, as you race to the end to find out if Jennet will be okay and if her sleuthing skills will save her life or… is this the time, she has gone too far and taken too many risks?

I highly recommend this book. Life is Foxglove Corners is never dull and once again you are thrust back into the lives of Jennet and her husband Crane, Leonora, Annica, Brent, Lucy and Camille – all the regulars you come to know and love. A Ghost of Gunfire is one book you won’t want to miss and I’m already looking forward to the next one.

Suzanne Hurley



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