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A Spider Steeped

A Spider Steeped

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 By John Paulits

Mark Louis and Kristy King become involved with murder when they visit Erin Blakely, a college friend of Kristy’s whom she hasn’t seen in half-a-dozen years.  The murder occurs right after Jeremy Casterbridge, an old college boyfriend of Erin’s, shows up, newly released from prison, and claiming to be the father of Erin’s daughter Raven. Mark, Kristy, Erin and Jeremy are swept up in the aftermath of the terrible crime. Erin moves to New York, and Mark invites her to join the AWB Theatre Company, but Jeremy shows up again. Hoping to uncover the truth about Erin’s tangled life, Mark and Kristy investigate Erin’s past and present, turning her from a friend into an enemy. What they find reinforces their belief that love does conquer all—or at least it tries its best to.


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