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Adultery 101

Adultery 101

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 By Margaret Kona

Emma is so busy these days trying to find her way out of the hole that used to be her marriage. And what the heck is Mona doing in there? Hey, that’s my husband, you hussy, so get dressed and get out! Em has her dear son, Lon, and Joan, her best friend forever or best forever friend, whichever way that goes, and of course her mom has her back. That Sunday-only Methodist upbringing has come in handy too.

Yet another monogamous marriage bites the dust. Now what? More than twenty years invested before the piano fell on her head. Moving on isn’t that easy when you don’t know what direction to take…or perhaps it’s better to stay?

Oh powerful, mighty wizard, do I stay or do I go? Clicking those ruby slippers may take her back, but there is no place like home since that cheatin’ F5 tornado blew it apart!

Not unlike falling down a rabbit hole or blowing into Oz, adultery truly is another world. Let’s learn some of the basics with Emma. There she is now, bumbling around down there in that foggy dark hole. When does it go from black and white to the beautiful Technicolor?

Thank goodness she has a sense of humor! Emma has enrolled, that is, has been rolled into, Adultery 101. Come on in and audit the course.
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