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All I Ever Wanted

All I Ever Wanted

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By Erin Moore

Amber Toadvine and Craig James have learned the hard way that one single act can alter a person’s life dramatically. Amber’s life had been torn apart by a monster who was intent on killing her, and the man she loved leaving her at the alter on their wedding day. Now ten years later, Amber and Craig have to learn to start over and trust again, trying to rebuild the bridge that had been burned down years before. While the monster that had ruined Amber’s life before plans to return and finish the job he began years ago.

What They Are Saying About All I Ever Wanted

Dig out your hankies romance readers. Ms. Moore has penned a top-notch, character-driven novel that also happens to have a darned good plot. All I Ever Wanted is a tear-jerker romance that will have you rooting for Craig and Amber's reunion after years of being apart. The author creates a chemistry between the two that makes this story an irresistible read, one that's difficult to put down, one you'll read into the late hours of the night.

--Nancy Pirri,

The MacAulay Bride

In ALL I EVER WANTED, by Erin Moore, a mystery evolves of scary proportions. The romance between the two protagonists moves the reader in many ways. To have their love buried for ten years, and return to move the reader from the very first page. This is a heart-wrenching story of true love that Ms. Moore does an excellent job of showing the emotions of the two strong characters. As their past heals, so does the plot of the story unfold to find a crazy man wanting Amber's death. I would recommend this author to anyone that likes a good mystery and romance combined


Romance Reader At Heart

“A wonderful story of love, lost and found again. Saying that one should never give up on their hopes and dreams and that love will always find a way to overcome any obstacle in it’s path. Romance and suspense that seem to engross the reader from the start and doesn’t let go.”

--Louise Riverio-Mitchell

Denise’s Pieces Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed All I Ever Wanted, and it can be all you ever wanted in a book with romance, suspense and all the emotions that go with it. Make sure to keep your eye on Ms. Moore--she has another book out soon and I'm getting impatient. Her first release just made me want to read Moore... Erin Moore that is!

--Ginger Simpson, Author

ALL I EVER WANTED is a heart wrenching story filled with hatred, love and all the emotions that fall in between.  As Craig comes to terms with his mother’s illness, Amber’s attack, and the facts surrounding their lives, Ms. Moore portrays their feelings so well that this reviewer was left in tears more than once.  Beyond her ability to fill the reader with emotion, Ms. Moore has given her novel a quick pace filled with a plot that will leave the reader wanting more. ALL I EVER WANTED sports great characters and enough plot to make it a Five Rose novel!  It is with honor that this reviewer rates it one of the best reads in 2004.

Angie from Loves Romances


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