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Annie's Heart

Annie's Heart

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By Barbara Edwards

Only two coins and a gold pendant heart separate widowed Annie Moss from disaster. The fields need to be plowed, the barn repaired and food stored for the winter, but she is alone and afraid. Her dream of a home for her children hangs from the promise of a wandering man to keep moving on, a man she has no reason to trust.

What They Are Saying About Annie’s Heart

“In Annie’s Heart The tremendous physical hardship that the country presents is as much a threat to their love as Annie's mistrust of men and Trace's reluctance to settle. Barbara Edwards creates a romance that proves life is about “surviving disaster. Growing back stronger,” and most of all, the courage to love.”**** (four stars)

—Gerry Benninger

Romantic Times Magazine

“Annie’s Heart A real page turner with wonderful characters and a unique plot. You can’t miss with this one.”

—Patricia Potter

“ANOTHER LOVE is a story that is hard to put down. The characters are well-developed and the setting is vivid amidst a solid, balanced plot.” **** 1/2 (four and one-half stars

—April Redmon

Romantic Times Magazine

Another Love “Distrust on both sides must be overcome before true love makes the day. Throw in some political intrigue and whodunit and enjoy this afternoon read.”

—Debbie Pollart

Writers Club Romance Group on AOL

The horse of a different color? Perhaps something of the sort. Another Love is painted with a kaleidoscope of perception. A historical that at times feels like a James Bond film. A true paint box..

I had to keep reading. I was caught up in the detail. Another Love has elements unique to a historical romance. Some things made me uncomfortable. Another Love spans passion of unending variety. Passion can be frightening. More so when it involves our letting go. That kind of passion shows the range of the author’s gift.

True, some things made me uncomfortable but those elements were necessary to the story. Uniquely plotted. All in all, a super read.

—Leann “Buzzy” Arndt

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