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Aura Of War

Aura Of War

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By Gabriel Timar

The story of Arthur DeVendt, born in 1927, proves that even though war, political and economic turmoil adversely impacted his future, by maintaining his honor, dogged persistence, and ability to adjust to changing conditions he manages to succeed. Seventeen-year-old Arthur, the son of a Hungarian army officer, of French extraction finds himself orphaned in a refugee camp of postwar Germany.

What They Are Saying About Aura Of War

I’ve met this multi-published author before, but Gabriel Timar’s book, Aura Of War is so flawless with its convoluted espionage details that I couldn’t put it down. The life history of Baron Arthur DeVendt’s military career is an above average read. It is so real, so believable, that I could have sworn this writer was telling his own life’s experience. Yes, it is that good. If you doubt me, read it yourself. Not only is this book a keeper, but I rate it a 5+. You’ll not find a single plot glitch, or unexpected snag within the fabric of this story. It’s the history of one man’s military accomplishments, in a war that tears his family, and homeland of Hungary asunder.

JoEllen Conger

Conger Books Reviews

Gabriel Timar draws on his own experiences as a cadet at an elite military school in Hungary to give credence to his latest novel, “Aura of War”.

Arthur, his main character is a likeable honest, professional soldier with whom it is easy to sympathise. As a boy he is enrolled into a military academy against his wishes and finds himself involved in the last days of the war. The author has chosen a straightforward prose style to match the progression of his hero’s career from cadet to officer in the intelligence service. Arthur’s adventures, which take him from Hungary to Paris and the Foreign Legion, keep you wanting to know what is going to happen to him next.

The story covers a little known period in the history of world war 2 and provides a depth of insight into the hardships endured. The use of real street names and places give the novel an authentic feel and a unique flavour of the times.

This is a war novel with a difference, a worthwhile read, by an author with a deep knowledge of his subject.

Margaret Birks and Jean Rosser

authors of Treasures from an Earthen Pot

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