Back To the Homestead (The Homesteader Series Book 3)

By Mary Jean Kelso

“I saw that look in your eyes when we met in town. I’m not one to mince words. I think you’re sweet on me, too,” Leroy said.

Rosie felt her face flush. Even though his words embarrassed her, she knew they were true. She was drawn to him like a lizard to a hot rock even though she knew she shouldn’t be.

What They Are Saying About Back To The Homestead

Back to the Homestead paints a believable read with vibrant characters that leap off the pages. This is a story that pulls the reader into the center of the action. I felt so much part of the family. I love the young adults that bring much depth to the storyline, as everyone learns to survive living on the farm. Mary Jean Kelso tells a wonderful story that this reader found completely satisfying. She leaves me spellbound, wishing to read more and this story is no exception!

—Linda L. Lattimer,Reviewer and Author