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Baltimore Beauty

Baltimore Beauty

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By Sue Thornton

Thirty-three years after eight-year-old Rachel Clark's body is found at the bottom of a ravine, her ghost appears in Miss Ethel's flowerbeds. Kiri Alexander discovers a well-loved Raggedy Anne doll outside her door when she attempts to shoo the trespasser away. Little did Kiri know the doll and Rachel's ghost would tear down the wall she'd built over the years to control her psychic powers and open the floodgate to her own childhood memories she'd rather keep buried. All Rachel wants is for Kiri to find her little sister, Sally.

Once introduced to homicide detective, Logan Mendoza, a true skeptic of the paranormal, Kiri asks for his assistance in locating the report of Rachel's death to confirm her visions. Soon Kiri and Logan become entangled in dark secrets of murder and political corruption. With Logan's help, Kiri relies on her visions to solve Rachel's death and Sally's disappearance. In turn, Kiri helps Logan find the daughter he never knew existed. Doubt, anger and hostility turn to love, as Logan and Kiri grow close in the quest to find a lost child and to right a wrong three decades old.

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