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Beyond The Lies

Beyond The Lies

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By Carolyn Russell

Gloria Miles lives a lie that was woven by insecure parents who wouldn’t admit she wasn’t theirs. As she searches for her true identity, those who profess their love for her practice their own brand of deceit. When the one man she can trust walks into her life, can Gloria get beyond the lies?

What They Are Saying Abou Beyond The Lies

“Carolyn Russell has written an engaging read in BEYOND THE LIES. There are too few romances with older heroines, and this one delivers. Realistic and ripe with setting, this story will have you cheering for the stubborn heroine in her quest for truth and unconditional love.”

Cheryl Norman
EPPIE award-winning author of

Gloria Hamilton doesn't resemble her family in looks, or in spirit. When looking in the mirror, the question is always reflected: “Who am I, really?” Carolyn Russell takes us on a 40-year quest to answer Gloria's questions about her family, and the true meaning of love.

Later events will try your patience, and your heart. Through relationships, arguments - and still on the search for her true identity - Gloria Hamilton is a very honest character for women. You may not always love her, but you root for her all the same.  Overall rating:

Hilary Evans

All of her life, Gloria had questioned her heritage, but when she asked her parents if she were adopted, they lied until Gloria tricks them into admitting the truth. For most of her adult life, Gloria searches for her biological parents and her own identity. Beyond the Lies is a well written story that may make one question their own heritage.

--Tamia Dawn Osburn,
The Guardians of Paradise,
January 2004

Carolyn has created a story about lies that is filled with a lot of truth. There were times when I forgot I was reading fiction, I was so pulled into Gloria's life. I wanted to shake her, I wanted to weep for her, but I loved her and at the end of the book I was happy for her. I would recommend BEYOND THE LIES to anyone who likes watching strong women grow and mature.

--Judith Miller
Return To Port Darkling,
Wings ePress

“Carolyn Russell has written an engrossing tale of a woman who has been betrayed and lied to most of her life. You’ll laugh and cry with Gloria, and cheer for her when she wins the man of her dreams. Beyond The Lies will warm your heart and make you believe in happily ever after.”

--Barbara Woodward,
The Heart Remembers
Follow Your Heart
Wings ePress, Inc.

Imagine finding out that your quarreling father and mother aren't your real parents, and even more devastating, finding out from your Bill Clinton-wannabe cousin, who tries to rape you in your grandparents' barn on Mother's Day only days before you turn thirteen. This highly explosive inciting incident, certain to send shockwaves in anyone's life, especially a girl growing up in 1948, kicks the story of Gloria Hamilton Miles into a Lifetime TV Movie-style emotional roller coaster filled with the uncertainty of living and loving when you don't know who you are. . Carolyn Russell pens a moving story of human frailty, of an indomitable woman. Russell's characters are refreshingly, endearingly real in their ability to get away with being flawed and fallible.

Kristin Johnson. .

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