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Blue Bark

Blue Bark

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By William D. Honey

What do an incurable strain of Syphilis called Black Death and influenza have in common? Are bacteria and viruses able to exchange DNA material? The origin of AIDS is finally revealed in this novel called Blue Bark by William Honey. But, what is Blue Bark?

What They Are Saying About Blue Bark

Has the United States government kept hidden the origin of the runaway virus from the citizens of the world for years? And how does the drug trade play into all of this? The author answers those questions, but does the world really want to know the truth? We have only to look at the news to come up with even more questions. SARS, for instance...

—Mary Varble w/a Marie-Nicole Ryan

LOVE ON THE RUN, available

SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS, coming August 2003

Blue Bark is a socio-political thriller that spans the globe from Washington to California to Cambodia and back again. Peppered with intriguing characters and unexpected twists, this novel is sure to rivet and surprise.

—Erin Fox, Wings ePress author of

the Daphne Du Maurier Finalist,

Beyond Innocence

William Honey, Jr. does a masterful job of pulling you back in time to the 1960's. He makes you believe this is a true story instead of fiction. This is a must read for all Mystery fans, that will keep you guessing until the end.

—Susan R. Sweet,

A Deadly Agent

The minute the reader thinks they have the ending figured out they will find themselves embarking in a different direction.

Author Bill Honey has a gift for sleight of hand. I’m hoping he revives Murray Favor in another search for the truth. This was an exceptionally enjoyable read. I recommend it to those who love “who dunnits”.

--Celia Cooper

Old Enough to Know Better


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