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Captivity (Darkhour Vampires Book 1)

Captivity (Darkhour Vampires Book 1)

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By Linda Suzane

The mutilated bodies of two teenagers and a third one missing in the Oregon woods... A body apparently stolen from the San Francisco morgue and a wino brutally murdered... To the vampire, Dr. Donovan Reed, these are clues that there is a newborn vampire hiding in the dark shadows, driven by blood hunger to kill, and that Donovan’s most hated nemesis, the vampire Cassandra, has grown careless. Does Donovan have a chance to put an end to the wanton killings?

What They Are Saying About Captivity

“Not a vampire devotee, I had no preconceived notions when I began reading Captivity by Linda Suzane. Am I glad I started it on a weekend, because I simply HAD to finish it RIGHT AWAY. In a word, Wow! The power of Ms. Suzane's writing propels you into the story with vivid images, strong characterization, and totally believable scenario. An unequivocal thumbs-up!”

--Christine Janssen,

author of Dark Legacy

“I'm awaiting the next book in what promises to be an entertaining new series. I'm looking forward to more about the past, present, and future of Linda Suzane's vampire world. I would recommend Captivity to fans of the vampire genre.”

--Kate Hill,

author of the God of Grim.

Linda Suzane pulls off this vampires' tale with finesse and flair. She has an uncanny way in Captivity of combining two plot lines into one incredible story. If vampirish stories are right up your alley, then you won't want to miss this one!

--Patricia A. Rasey,

author of Deadly Obsession

and the Hour Before Dawn

A fast-moving "good vampire vs. evil vampire" adventure, with the two sides fighting over a kidnapped teenage boy, CAPTIVITY has rich characterization as well as sustained suspense. The "evil" vampire is sometimes almost pitiable in her madness, and the "good" vampire has enough of a dangerous edge to make him believable as a centuries-old creature of the night. Linda Suzane achieves a fresh approach to the familiar vampire problem of tension between living ethically in the human world and protecting the secret of the immortal blood-drinkers' existence.

--Margaret L. Carter,

author of Dark Changeling (,

winner of the 2000 Eppie Award for Horror
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