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Casting Off

Casting Off

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By Trisha FitzGerald-Petri

Ireland, west coast.

In a moment of madness, Megan Barry, determined to escape her dismal fishing village life, sets sail in her boss's thirty-two foot sloop, naively thinking anyone can sail. Away on holidays with Helen Featherstone (another bone of contention) at the time, and fed up with her lavish demands, Connor leaps at the chance to return home when he hears his yacht has been stolen.

Meanwhile, after a horrific week lost at sea, Megan is finally washed ashore on a small island in the Celtic Sea where she stumbles upon an illicit poteen-making still, a discovery she believes could get her into far more trouble than she's already in.

Back in Scullymór, a terrible suspicion begins to form in Connor's mind - a suspicion consolidated by a series of strange events. While not wanting to report the theft, he secretly fears for his harebrained housekeeper's safety. Borrowing an ancient fishing boat with an dodgy engine he decides to take the matter into his own hands . . .

What They Are Saying About Casting Off

If you’ve ever been caught in a raging storm at sea, Trisha FitzGerald-Petri’s vivid writing style will bring back every one of those exciting memories; Casting Off is a can’t-put-it-down type of book…

Author JoEllen Conger served as the first woman Commodore at Moss Landing Yacht Club in California, the first in fifty years, and has cruised and raced on the open Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Mexico. She and her husband also day sailed a 40-foot trimaran off the coast of California and Hawaii.

Staff Commodore Joan C. Powell

—JoEllen Conger

Queen of Candelore

Rite of Passage

Return of The Goddess

Ms. FitzGerald-Petri has written a compelling novel, by turns humorous, frightening, and touching as Meg and Connor find themselves-and each other. I’ll warn you now, you’ll wipe a lot of salt spray out of your hair! However, if you’re willing to learn a bit about yachts, sail along with Meg on a voyage of self-discovery. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

—Jeanette Cottrell, Reviewer

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Author of At Risk of Being a Fool

Trisha FitzGerald-Petri's novel, Casting Off, is filled with vivid imagery, colorful Irish characters and a heroine the reader will root for. The novel follows Meg as she battles to survive and find her destiny.

The novel has cross-genre appeal with action, suspense, and romance. Casting Off will be available from Wings as an October selection. Be ready for it, the novel is quite a ride.

—Michael Murphy

Try and Catch the Wind,

Wings ePress, Inc.

An excellent choice for the home pleasure reading shelf, high school library and those who like a good adventure with a bit of romance thrown in for good measure Casting Off is a delightful read for a long summery afternoon or an autumn evening spent reading and sipping cocoa.

—Molly Martin

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Two totally loveable characters are brought together in a riotous love story of dreams, ambitions, and plain old down-to-earth laughter. The Irish village comes to life around them, and the villagers are people who might very well live next door to you.

Trisha Fitzgerald-Petri shows nautical knowledge, and a razor sharp sense of humor, and has the ability to make you laugh out loud at the characters, while cheering them along the whole way. This book is a keeper, and I whole-heartedly recommend it for those who like their romance liberally sprinkled with wit, and Irish flavor, and a darned good story to boot. It’ll leave you with a smile on your face.

—Angela Verdenius

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