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Cinderella And The Stripper

Cinderella And The Stripper

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By JoEllen Conger

Heather moves to L.A. and loses her heart to a downed motorcyclist, a look-alike for her executive boss. Heather struggles to understand her dream man, not realizing he is a twin. When the owner and star attraction of the Prancing Stallion Club discovers the girl of his dreams it changes his whole life.

What They Are Saying About Cinderella And The Stripper

Conger is a master story teller, and you’ll be absolutely sure you could pick out one of her characters in the street if you bumped into them. I highly recommend Cinderella and the Stripper as an entertaining, heart grabbing, good read.

—Billie A Williams,

Bed and Breakfast Murders,

a Wings ePress Inc. Mystery

Cinderella And The Stripper is a delightful, light-hearted mixup between twin brothers and the mystery girl one of them adores. JoEllen Conger has delivered a vivid portrayal of characters so realistic they jump off the pages to entertain you.

—Carol McPhee,

Natural Persuasion

Wings ePress, Inc.

A sweet, simple love story between a small Mid-western girl and a California play-boy. Cinderella And The Stripper is more than just a coming of age book but a coming of self.  Heather didn’t believe in herself enough to set her sights on a higher, more intellectual, position and still lived under her parent’s roof, but with the help of new friends, a new love and a whole lot of new money, she grew up, she moved out and she became a woman.


Lighthouse Literary Reviews

What's a gal to do when the man of her dreams appears to be a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? And what's a guy to do when the girl of his dreams disappears like Cinderella after the ball? Well, put this premise into the hands of JoEllen Conger and you have the makings of a delightful comic romp. Don't let the title Cinderella And The Stripper put you off. This is a great romance that Ms Conger writes with humor and flair. Don't miss it!

—Jeannine Van Eperen,

Award-winning author

Memory and Desire,

Children of St. Yves,

Lila's Protege,

Before the Star Fades.

Cinderella and the Stripper is a sweet old-fashioned romance with an undated, edgy twist. It’s a cozy story with loveable characters that greatly deserve their “happily ever after” ending.

—Mallary Mitchell

This is a happy, sweet and gentle love story. It is a light-hearted tale of revolving-door mistaken identity with the lovely promise of romance flowing throughout. We know Heather and Chester will find each other but JoEllen Conger helps us thoroughly enjoy the wait as we watch Heather transformed into a successful fashion model who manages to retain her homespun goodness. The misses Conger have spun a fresh new Cinderella story that makes us want our princess and her Prince Charming to live happily ever after.  Luckily, we get exactly what we are hoping for.

—Jeanne Howard
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