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Daughter Of Spain

Daughter Of Spain

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By Jeannine Van Eperen

Spain is in turmoil. In the 17th century, Inquisitor Sarmiento is zealously continuing the Inquisition, ridding Spain of those he considers infidels and also increasing his own land holdings at others’ expense. A victm of the Inquisition Isabela and her mother are incarcerated in one of Sarmiento’s dungeons. Her father has been killed. She is rescued when Don Carlos, Duque de Malagón, breaks into the castle to rescue his brother. He is too late to help his brother but Don Carlos takes Isabela and her mother to safety. Since he, too, must now flee the Inquisitor’s long arm, he and his retinue leave Spain and sail for the New World to face a stark yet lovely land that brings the promise of new beginnings if they can survive the many challenges ahead.

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