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Deadly Passion (The Lanny Boone Series Book 2)

Deadly Passion (The Lanny Boone Series Book 2)

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By Ben Douglas

While investigating the murder of a beautiful socialite Detective Lanny Boone uncovers a corrupt gambling cartel that eliminates opposition from any quarter. Having made the connection between the murder and the cartel Boone presses for evidence to convict … and is drawn into a crossfire he might not survive.

What They Are Saying About Deadly Passion

I loved the voice of this laid-back police professional. He takes you with him on his quest and often you feel as if you’re right there in his shirt pocket, observing his every move. Deadly Passion is jam-packed with suspense, humor, and a smattering of romance sure to please every reader.

One thing to be aware of, reserve plenty of time to finish this story. Once you begin, the pages seem to turn themselves.

—J. D. Webb

Shepherd’s Pie (Oct 2006)

Deadly Passion by Ben Douglas is as good a detective story as one will find. Mr. Douglas writes realistically with grace and humor. His characters are well-drawn. His hero, Lanny Boone, is likable, and one can smell the magnolias and feel the Mississippi humidity of the locale. If you are craving a good mystery, a story that is true to life, Deadly Passion is it. Don't miss it!

—Jeannine Van Eperen,

Before the Star Fades,

Lila's Protégé and

Memory And Desire,

winner of the FAR-Award Book of the Year from Wings.

This is a can’t-put-it-down read, and don’t be surprised if you can’t figure out who done it. There are plenty of suspects. This writer really had me going. I suddenly stopped reading when I realized he’d just delivered a major clue, like a key piece in a jigsaw puzzle. Only I couldn’t find a logical place to fit it in. But there it was! Ben Douglas is gifted at making you see the Mississippi locale and appreciate his colorful characterizations. You are going to love this book. It’s a keeper.

—JoEllen Conger

Cinderella And The Stripper

Quiet but opinionated Detective Boone is a great character you will enjoy spending time with as he works to solve Kellie’s murder. While he says goodbye to a former love, a new romance twines through Lanny’s concentration. His attention may wander, but nothing, including a couple thugs posing as security men, a bank vice president with an eye on politics, a couple of illicit love affairs and dark psyches or a manipulative priest, will deter Lanny from his job.

Vivid characters, a plot keeps you guessing and a tongue-in-cheek humor adds to my appreciation of this mystery. If you love mysteries, you have to read Deadly Passions.

—Rhobin Courtright

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