By D. H. Parker

Once upon a time young Gabe befriended the neighbor's lonely little granddaughter, Lyssa, and enchanted her with fiddle music and tales of elves.

Now Death has given Lyssa her grandparents' farm. Death may strike again unless Gabe and Lyssa can untangle the farm's haunting secrets and Gabe's own dark dreams.

What They Are Saying About Donovan’s Dream

“A truly fanciful tale, or is it? ...If you truly appreciate a flight of fancy then you must take the trip with Donna Parker as your guide. I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed a read as much as this. Truly enchanting. I look forward to reading many more of this author’s books. On the heart-caught-in-my-throat scale this book rates a 5 (♥♥♥♥♥)”

Dee Carey,

The Fox Lady

fantasy novelist

Donna H. Parker, mystery writer extraordinaire, does it again with this very complex backwoods story, Donovan’s Dream. She magically fiddles her way right into your heart with this spellbinding tale of fairy fiddles from the Ozarks, and their tantalizing, mesmerizing folklore. She’ll have you believing in ghosts and enchanted fiddles. I highly recommend this book. It is a definite keeper.” Five cups

JoEllen Conger,

Conger Books Review

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