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Doubt Not The Stars

Doubt Not The Stars

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By Susan McElheran 

Every unopened door had the potential to change Seren’s life when she opened it. At least she had that to look forward to—and there was little enough to look forward to in the Domain, where everybody was just existing until death to pass a generation so that another generation could do the same, and yet another after them. Well, that wasn’t for her. She wanted to see to the stars and to learn new things.

What They Are Saying About Doubt Not The Stars

After generations of isolation, a small community has deteriorated into stifling sameness. Determined to escape its oppression, Seren explores the surrounding forbidden territory, only to discover that she and her people face imminent destruction.

“McElheran has created a dark, mysterious world hurtling towards promise or oblivion with characters we care about. Seren, a scribe, dreams of seeing mythical stars and fleeing from a society repressed for a hundred generations. But salvation can come from an unexpected direction. Mystery and dark intrigue keeps the reader turning the pages.”

James C. Glass,


The Viper Of Portello

“McElheran’s fast-paced and compelling prose creates a fully realized future environment. I guarantee you’ll find yourself rooting for Seren as everything she knows about the world and her place in it is stripped away from her in rapid and emotionally devastating succession, while a doomsday clock ticks inexorably toward a catastrophe only Seren can prevent. Doubt Not the Stars is a lively and engaging story.”

Susan R. Matthews,

Warring States,

Colony Fleet

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